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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of our commonly asked questions that may help you through the process. Please click on the question to reveal the answer.


Is granite a smooth surface like other solid surface materials?


What is the difference between 2cm and 3cm? What is the most appropriate thickness for countertops?


Is my granite countertop backed by a warranty?


What colors are available in natural stone?


Does granite require special care?


Does marble require special care?


Why do I have seams in my countertop and what do they look like?


What influences pricing of a granite countertop?


Can I choose the granite slab that will be used for my countertops?


At what point can my project be measured?


What kind of edge details are available?


What kinds of finished are available in natural stone?

What is the difference between an "undermount" sink and a "drop-in"sink? Is there a cost difference for the the type of cutout required?


What is your current lead-time for installation?


Can granite be used in food preparation areas?


Can you cut on granite?


Can you set hot pots and pans on granite?


Does granite chip or scratch?


Do I need support brackets for my raised bar or overhang?


Should granite be sealed?


Can granite be repaired?


Can you remove our old countertop?


Can my plumber use "plumber's putty" on my stonework to adhhere the sinks and faucets?


Can you disconnect and reconnect the electric and gas?